About Me

My name is Christian Di Lorenzo. I am a highly-driven software practitioner with experience in data science and software technology spaces from cloud-native machine learning to full-stack web apps and much in between. Combining my formal training in data science and software engineering with a passion for domain expertise, I have played critical roles in building an ML pipeline for legal documents, writing ML extraction features for medical documents, pushing the boundaries of precision medicine, researching how people use intermittent fasting, giving companies scalable, proactive security, and developing products from scratch for customers in agriculture, aerospace, and even obstacle course racing.

Even while in high school, I graduated as the youngest attendee of the first Software Craftsmanship Academy in 2012 with training across three different environments (iOS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails). My parents homeschooled me with a drive for excellence in all things for Christ, tailoring my education towards my strengths and pushing me to be well-rounded in interpersonal as well as technical skills. I completed my B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Data Science from Regis University while simultaneously working across sometimes five languages to produce native iOS apps, full-stack web apps, and data analytics for a project company.

...and much as happened since then. For those who are programmers, I'll leave you with this comment:

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