About Me

My name is Christian Di Lorenzo. I am a young yet highly-motivated software practitioner with experience in several technology spaces including native iOS development, full-stack web apps, and more recently Data Science. I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Regis University and will be graduating with a Master’s in Data Science from Regis University in May 2019. I have worked at RoleModel Software since graduating from their first Software Craftsmanship Academy in 2012.

I'm not simply content to solve difficult problems. I love to push the possibilities of sustainable software to discover and implement new methodologies such as blending Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Functional Programming (FP) with the best practices of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

My expertise resides in a variety of languages, technologies, and methodologies:

  • Swift, Objective-C, CoreData, and AFNetworking
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ReactJS, ES6+, RamdaJS, and NodeJS
  • Elixir, Phoenix, and Ecto
  • HTML and CSS
  • Python and R
  • Pandas, Numpy, Keras, Tensorflow, and Matplotlib
  • Data Visualization with Python, JavaScript, R, and Tableau
  • Statistics, Machine Learning, Category Theory, …

I also contribute to several open source libraries such as filtrex which has over 20,000 downloads. Feel free to check out my GitHub profile. I also love design and am always eager to provide accommodating and thoughtful user experiences.

Aside from technical things, I actively participate in my church as well as play the accordion, piano, or saxophone whenever the opportunity arises. I currently live at home and tutor math to my three younger siblings in their homeschool journey. In my free time, I enjoy ultimate frisbee with family, friends, and even competitive athletes.